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Satellite ASI Signal Delay Line

BD30AV-ASI Brochure

                The BD30AV-ASI brings ASI signal support to the BD30 range of solid state delay lines, providing MPTS or SPTS  
                delay functions in a satellite environment or other ASI distribution architectures.
                Delays of up to 30 or 60 seconds can be applied to all channels' program within one ASI signal, without additional 
                de-muxing, re-muxing, and decode hardware.
                The delay hardware features a bypass function to pass through an unaltered ASI signal, and a standby ASI input 
                which can be triggered externally for safety program content monitoring applications.

                The BD30AV-ASI can be used in conjunction with the MpegWall ASI signal monitoring software to allow preview of 
                the pre and post delay signals, displaying all the bundled channels simultaneously using software MPEG MPTS 
                decoding. MpegWall acquires an ASI multiplex signal onto a standard PC platform using a selection of supported 
                ASI interface cards.

                , Supports ASI signal with BNC connector input and output, compatible with PAL and NTSC video format.
                , Supports MPTS and SPTS stream formats.
                , Internal ASI signal 1x2 distributor, allows a preview output of the ASI signal pre and post delay.
                , Standard delay time is up to 30 seconds, maximum delay time up to 60 seconds.
                , Delay is adjustable to an accuracy of 1 video frame.
                , Standby ASI input feed available for alternative program output. 
                , Unit bypass feature passes through original signal. 
                , RS-232 interface, using a protocol which can be called from a remote control unit or other centralized control 
                    systems. Includes unit bypass and standby signal switching.

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