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BD30AV Series 
4K UHD/HD/SD Digital Audio Video Solid State Delay Line


BD30AV Series

BD30AV HD Series Brochure

BD30AV SD Series Brochure

BD30AV is the highest broadcasting quality solid state video audio delay line without data compression which is separated into 4K UHD & HD/SD series. The delay time could be set up to 720 seconds for U HD-SDI signal and over 3600 seconds for HD-SDI signals by the increments of 1-frame step.

BD30AV series could be easily used in the On-Air TV broadcasting. The frame by frame adjustable feature can be used in most of the Virtual Sets. The independent audio offset can be eliminated the lip Sync problem.

Built-in full 10Bits time base corrector and frame synchronizer which is compatible with all of the UHD/HD & NTSC or PAL video standard, BD30AV series audio video delay line allows to feed the unit with any embedded, de-embedded, digital or analog signals providing always perfect levels and GenLock to its outputs.

Performing full 10-bit signal process and 32-bit internal DSP processing, BD30AV offers exceptional DTV-Grade picture quality with excellent AGC and CGC functionalities and top quality color correction.

Live talk shows, awards specials, telephone call-ins, courtroom TV, breaking news, home shopping - part of the excitement of live TV is that you never know what's going to happen next. But that can be a big problem if "what happens next" is an obscenity, a libelous statement, or a courtroom utterance that should not be aired.  B&M gave more than a few hundred TV or radio stations the perfect digital delays as the safeguard to handle such eventualities.


· Compatible with the digital HD-SDI/SD-SDI Embedded signal I/O
Compatible with the digital HD/SD SDI video, analog composite or component video and digital AES/EBU, analog balance
  XLR audio signals input and output

· The maximum delay time up to 3600 seconds for SD digital & analog signals
· The maximum delay time up to 720 seconds for HD-SDI digital embedded signals
· Frame by frame adjustable. (30 seconds delay time for each standard model.)
Built-in 10-Bit high performance digital TBC and frame Sync. for an always perfect and clean video output
· Gen lockable
· Excellent video AGC and CGC function
· Audio offsets independence to match the video delay during the signals' transmission, resolve the LIP SYNC problem
Audio Mute button to remove unwanted audio parts from the live programs
Analog signals output for preview before or after delay
Two Bypass modes enable for Bypass button and power off Bypass mode
· Provides RS-232 as the external remote control port. 1-U rack mountable external control unit as the option

Video Specification 
(Tested By Tektronix VM700 &  
WFM7120 HD/SD Digital Video Measurement Sets)

 Sample Precision  10 Bits HD-SDI/SD-SDI signal & Composite
Sample Frequency

SMPTE 292M 1.485Gbps, 1080i/60/59.94/50, 1080p/24/23.98(sF), 720p/60/59.94/50 SMPTE 372M 1.285Gbps, 1080p/60/59.94/50 
SMPTE 259M-c 270Mbps digital component, 525i/60, 625i/50

 Bandwidth  6MHz
 Differential Phase  < 1 degree
 Differential Gain  < 1%
 K Factor (2T Pulse)  < 1%
 Chroma Delay  < 5 ns
 Signal to Noise Ratio  > 70 dB (Weighted)
 Serial Digital SDI  75 Ohm (BNC), Auto EQ to 300M (With Reclocked & Buffered BNC Output)
 SDI Amplitude  800 mv ± 25 mv
 SDI Jitter (1 kHz)  < 0.2 UI
 SDI Jitter (10 Hz)  < 0.2 UI
I/O Connector BNC

Audio Specification
 Sample Precision  24Bits
 Sample Frequency  48kHz
 Frequency Response  20Hz - 20kHz
 Signal to Noise Ratio  > 90 dB
 THD+N  0.03% (+4dBu)
 Channel Isolation  70db
 Max Input  +20dBu

Mechanical specification

 Chassis Dimension 44.5mm × 450mm x 480mm
Gross Weight 7 Kg

Electrical specification

Power 110V ~ 240V
Power Consumption BD30AV HD Series <100W 
BD30AV SD series < 60W

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