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MD600 Series 
UHD/HD/SD Multi-Function Audio Video Conversion Modules

MD600 is a multi-function audio and video convertors for  all of 4K UHD, HD and SD digital or analog signals which is compatible with NTSC or PAL video standard. 

MD600 supports bi-direction conversion between
all of 4K UHD-SDI,  HD-SDI & SD-SDI digital video signals, digital audio AES/EBU signals, analog audio and video signals. It also can be used as a HD/SD digital or analog video Distribution Amplifier. 

It supports 6 modules in the 1U standard chassis, each one of the module board's working condition could be displayed in the high resolution VFD displayer of the front panel. 

Video Specification
 Sample Precision HD-SDI & SD-SDI 10 Bits
 Sample Frequency HD-SDI signal SMPTE 292M 1.485GHz
SD-SDI signal 27MHz CCIR656
 Frequency Response  6MHz
 Signal to Noise Ratio  > 65 dB (SD Analog Weighted)
 Differential Phase  < 1 degree ( SD Analog Signal)
 Differential Gain  <1% ( SD Analog Signal)
 K Factor ( 2T Pulse )  <1% ( SD Analog Signal)
 SDI Amplitude  800 mv ± 10%
 SDI Jitter (1 kHz)  < 0.2 UI
 SDI Jitter (10 Hz)  < 0.2 UI
I/O Connector BNC

Audio Specification
 Sample Precision  24 Bits
 Sample Frequency  48KHz
 Frequency Response  20Hz ~ 20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio  > 90 dB
 THD+N  0.03% (+4dBu)
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