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AG2000 Series 
UHD/UH/SD Mul-Channel Digital Audio Automatic Gain Controller / Multi-Function Processor

AG2000 HD Brochure

AG2000 SD Brochure

AG2000 series HD/SD digital multi-channel audio AGC & multiple function processor offers the TV stations or radio stations a cutting-edge digital audio technology solution by integrating the AGC - Automatic Gain Control feature, NTSC or PAL embedded, de-embedded digital singal converter, audio A/D, audio D/A converter and digital audio noise reducer in only 1U rack mount chassis. It compatible with all of the different format of the audio signals including digital embedded signal, digital audio AES/EBU signal and analog XLR audio signal.

By the full digital 32 bits DSP processor, AG2000 series products shall be capable of controlling the input digital audio signals ranging from -40dBu to +24dBu, and the I/O signal ratio could be from 1:1 to 5:1. 

AG2000 series products built-in the high performance digital audio equalizer, provides the users to customized the input Detector Threshold to avoid the noise will be elevated with the normal audio signals.

Up to the 8 lines of LED on the front panel with the different color including green, yellow and red indicate the peak limiter activity of the input and output stereo audio channels separately. Users could set the embedded audio group number, noise gate level, noise attenuation level, low level signal boost response time, peak or limit threshold level, peak or limit response time, limit ratio and other audio parameters very easily in the VFD displayer on the front panel.

AG2000-EB Front Panel

                                     AG2000-EB Back Panel

·Compatible with both HD & SD  digital embedded signal, AES/EBU digital audio and analog XLR balance audio   
·Compatible with the multiple audio embedded signal, each embedded audio channel is processed independently
·Up to 8 channels digital audio supported in the embedded signal
·Independent parameters adjustment for each audio channel
·32 Bits DSP processor
AGC response time adjustable with the minimum less than 20ms
·The input digital audio signal is from -40dBu to +24dBu 
·Input to output audio signal ratio is from 1:1 to 5:1
Built-in the digital audio noise reducing function 
·Built-in the digital video frame synchronizer, embedded signals could be GEN Lockable
·VFD displayer and the colorful LEDs indicate the input and output audio level
·Two Bypass modes available, Bypass button and power off Bypass mode
·RS-232 control port and stand alone 1-U rack mountable external control unit as the option

Audio Specifications

Input Signals SD Digital Embedded Signal,
Input Connectors BNCs for embedded & digital audio signals,
XLR-type female for analog signals
Output Signals SD Digital Embedded Signal,
Output Connectors BNCs for embedded & digital audio signals,
XLR-type male for analog signals
 Sample Precision  24 Bits
 Sample Frequency  48 KHz
 Frequency Response  20Hz ~ 20KHz ( ± 0.3dB)
 Signal to Noise Ratio  > 90dB (Analog XLR Audio Signal)
 Input Audio Range -40dBu ~ +24dBu
 THD+N  < 0.005%
Maximum Input Level +24 dBu
 Channel Isolation  > 81dB
External Control Interface RS-232

Mechanical Specifications
 Chassis Dimension

485 (W) x 44.5 (H) x 320 (D) mm
(AG2000 series 2 channels model)

485 (W) x 44.5 (H) x 457 (D) mm
(AG2000 series 4 channels model)

Chassis Weight 5 Kg

Electrical Specifications

Power 110V ~ 240V
Power Consumption < 50W

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