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BD30A Series 
Digital Audio Solid State Delay Line


BD30A 24bit high quality audio delay line is designed for professional A/V users, it provides outstanding performance reliability for use in monitoring the real time talk show in audio station, or match the video frame delay to resolve the lip sync problem in TV station.

BD30A audio delay line can be adjusted from one frame (40ms) to 30 seconds. Users can mute the output at any time by pushing the switch on the front panel.

Live talk shows, telephone call-ins, breaking news - part of the excitement of live signal is that you never know what's going to happen next. But that can be a big problem if "what happens next" is an obscenity, a libelous statement, or a courtroom utterance that should not be aired.  B&M’ BD30A and BD30AV series audio & video delay lines gave more than a few hundred TV or radio stations the perfect digital delays as the safeguard to handle such eventualities.


·  Digital or analog stereo balance audio input and output
·  Mute and Bypass mode enabled
·  Frame by frame adjustable
·  Optional nanosecond as the minimum delay time 
     adjustable unit

·  RS232 remote control optional


BD30A Brochure

Audio Specifications

 Sample Precision  24 Bits
 Sample Frequency  48 kHz
 Frequency Response  20Hz ~ 20kHz
 THD+N  0.03% (+4dBu)
 Channel Isolation  > 80 dB
 Signal to Noise Ratio  > 90 dB
 Maximum Input Level  + 20 dBu

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