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B&M MODERN MEDIA INC. is a leading video audio equipments and solutions provider in designing,  manufacturing  and  marketing video infrastructure products and solutions for the professional high-end audio and video broadcast, video over IP  networking and transmitting markets. The digital video  and audio equipments are used in all stages of 4K UHD / HD & VR high quality video processing systems, broadcast television program production, post-production, archiving, asset management, video over IP, VOD and digital intermediate processing (movies, TV commercials).

B&M designs, produces and provides the professional broadcasters and customers with all ranges of the high end digital TRUE 4K UHD & HD / SD digital video audio delay lines, frame synchronizers, converters, switchers, signal distributors, keyers and other  4K UHD & HD/SD base band signal processors and the digital compressed products throughout the world. 

The digital and analog signal processing products that we designed and manufactured were used by many customers throughout the world in the broadcast television program production and post production, archiving, asset management, VOD, DVD authoring, digital intermediate processing (movies, TV commercials), large screen displays, rental and staging. 

BD30AV series 4K UHD 12G/6G, HD/SD-SDI solid state audio and video delay line with build-in the highest quality time base corrector and frame synchronizer inside, already came to be the most important safeguard equipment in all of the TV stations and radio stations broadcasting department. Live talk shows, awards specials, telephone call-ins, courtroom TV, breaking news, home shopping - part of the excitement of live TV is that you never know what's going to happen next. B&M gave more than a few hundred TV or radio stations the perfect digital delays as the safeguard to handle UNWANTED eventualities. By the friendly frame by frame adjustment feature, BD30AV series delay line products were used in most of the virtual sets to do the synchronization from the different camera sensors. 

DVI-Master, with the highest performance digital video processor for the real-time transforming the digital visual interface (DP & DVI) signal to all of 4K UHD-SDI, HD-SDI or SD-SDI and analog video out for post-production and live video out can be used in any on-air applications and any professionals who demand the highest image quality and reliability.

As the multi-function processor, TB2000 series UHD/HD/SD digital & analog TBC/Synchronizers are the ideal choice for the broadcasters, postproduction houses and the professional video graphers. MiniBox series HD/SD digital or analog video and audio interfaces provides the different kinds of usage for the different fields customers. Its  transcoding feature is provided between digital HD/SD-SDI, analog composite & component video signals with all of outputs simultaneously active from any selected input.  

PICK HIT Broadcast Engineering reward was gained to certificated that B&M's hardware & software powerful designing capability. 

As the ODM company, B&M™ company's products had been certificated by many many distributors and customers throughout the world. Their high quality OEM products were recognized by a lot of famous broadcasters, media & entertainment companies, distributors and  customers.

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