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DK320 Series
Multiple UHD/HD/SD Digital Video Linear Keyer 

DK320 SD Series Brochure

DK320-HD Brochure

DK320 is 1-U rack-mountable chassis which is built-in three separate digital video linear keyers which is compatible with both HD/SD digital or analog video formats. With comprehensive A/B vision mixer, like fade in, fade out, cross dissolve, etc., it can be used in conjunction with the keyers to produce a composite transition and suitable for all operational environments.

DK320 provides 2-channel digital or digital embedded background signals input, and switched out to any one channel seamlessly with the internal 10-bit digital frame synchronizer. Supports the embedded UHD/HD-SDI signal as the Fill input signal. DK320 also could be used as the de-embedded unit to output 1-channel analog composite video and 1-channel un-balanced stereo audio for the preview feature.

DK320's each digital downstream keyer could be independently controlled. It provides the setting function on each different digital keyer, and it could be easily switched over the background or other keyers by the digital keyers' sequence. 

DK320 provides the
ability to preview the signal with key-in and allowing the users to set all of the parameters prior to the transitions before the program output.

Dk320 provides the users do the custom the transition rates of the fade-to-black feature. DK320 could detect each of the input keys and switched to the back ground automatically when there is no any input digital key signals. 

12 Bits internal processing
·PAL 625-line or NTSC 525-line video format selectable for S821 SD series
·HD-SDI compatible as the option
Provides the feature of soft edges
·10 Bits I/O
·Independent 3 digital video linear keyers, key-in at the same time
·Key priority selectable
·Internal 8-channel 10-bit high quality digital video frame synchronizer
·Provides 2 channel digital SDI background as the Fill-In signal, users could switch out any one channel background seamlessly
·The SDI Fill input signal could be the SDI with AES/EBU embedded signal
·Built-in the embedded to de-embedded converter and audio/video D/A converter
·output 1-channel analog composite video and 1-channel un-balanced stereo audio for preview output 
·Audio Fade in and Fade out feature
·Fade to the black feature
·Provides the ability of the key-in signals preview feature
·Provides A/B vision mixer
·Bypass mode enabled
·Provide 2pcs of RS-232 or RS-422 external control interface for the external control system (Option)
·1-U external control unit provided (Option)

                                                                        DK320 SD Back Panel

Block Diagram

Video Specifications

Video Standard

SMPTE 292M - 1.485Gb/s, 1080i/60/59.94/50, 1080p/24/23.98(sF), 720p/60/59.94/50 
SMPTE 372M - 1.285Gb/s, Dual-link, 1080p/60/59.94/50 

SMPTE 259M-c 270Mb/s Digital component, 525i/60, 625i/50

 Sample Precision  10 Bits
 SDI Amplitude 800mV ± 25mV
 SDI Jitter (1 kHz) SD, HD HF < 0.2 UI
 SDI Jitter (10 Hz)  SD, HD HF < 0.2 UI
Key Data Rate 13.5 MHz
Pb & Pr Data Rate 6.75 MHz
Input Background Signals 1 channel 270Mbits/s digital SDI video
Or 1 channel
SDI embedded signal
Input Fill Signals 3 channels 270Mbits/s digital SDI video
Input Key Signals 3 channels 270Mbits/s digital SDI video
Output Signals 2 channels 270Mbits/s digital SDI video
I/O Connectors BNC Connectors Terminated in 75 Ohms
Preview Signals 1 channel analog composite video
With 1 channel analog un-balance stereo audio
Preview Signal's Connectors Video: BNC Connector
Stereo Audio: RCA Connector
Genlock Signals NTSC/PAL Black burst, SD Bi-Level Sync (300mV)
External Control Interface 2pcs of RS-232 or RS-422 control interfaces

Mechanical specification

 Chassis Dimension 44.5mm × 310mm x 480mm
Chassis Weight 7 Kg

Electrical specification

Power 110V ~ 220V
Power Consumption 60W

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