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S821 Series
UHD/HD/SD Digital Video Audio Synchronized Switcher with Dual TBCs Built-In 

S821 Series Brochure

S821 UHD/HD/SD series is a low cost, high performance digital and analog video and audio synchronized switcher for both NTSC & PAL video standards. With built-in dual channel frame synchronizers and TBCs, S821 provides the users perfect switched program output even when the 8 channels input video audio sources are non-synchronized.

                                    S821 Back Panel 1 (Un-balance Audio)

                                    S821 Back Panel 2 (Balance Audio)

                                S821D Back Panel (SD-SDI Embedded Model)

Compatible with UHD-SDI & HD/SDSDI digital signals (S821-UHD/HD model)
·Built-in dual wide band frame synchronizers and TBCs
Provides up to 8 channels audio and video signals input
· Provides 1 channel video and audio preview output, the preview output signal does not pass through the internal TBC
· Provides 1 channel video and audio output for PG
· Adjustable brightness, setup, chroma, H phase and SC phase
· High performance AGC and CGC
· Audio soft cut feature
· Gen Lockable
· Provides two external RS-232 control ports
· Stand alone 1U rack mountable external remote control panel as the option

Video Specifications

 Sample Precision  HD-SDI & SD-SDI 10Bits
 Sample Frequency HD-SDI Signal SMPTE 292M 1.485GHz
SD-SDI Signal 27MHz CCIR656
 Frequency Response  > 6MHz
 Signal to Noise Ratio  > 70 dB (SD Analog Signal Weighted)
 Differential Phase  < 1 degree  (SD Analog Signal)
 Differential Gain  < 1%  (SD Analog Signal)
 K Factor (2T Pulse)  < 1%  (SD Analog Signal)
 Chroma Delay  < 10 ns  (SD Analog Signal)
 Serial Digital SDI  75 Ohm (BNC), Auto EQ to 300M (With Reclocked & Buffered BNC Output)
 SDI Amplitude  800 mv ± 25 mv
 SDI Jitter (1 kHz)  < 0.2 UI
 SDI Jitter (10 Hz)  < 0.2 UI
I/O Connector BNC

Audio Specifications
Audio Signal Format Digital Audio AES/EBU
Analog Audio XLR
 Sample Precision  24 Bits
 Sample Frequency  48 KHz
 Frequency Response  20Hz ~ 20KHz
 Signal to Noise Ratio  > 90 dB (Analog Audio Signal)
 THD+N  0.03% (+4dBu)  (Analog Audio Signal)
 Max Input  +20dBu

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