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B&M   is a leading  8K and  4K  video  audio  equipments and  solutions provider in designing,  manufacturing and  marketing video
infrastructure products and solutions for high-end video audio broadcast, video over IP networking and signal transmitting markets.

Brings the world's first  un-compressed 8K or 4K  UHD HDR solid state delay lines,  BD30AV UHD series delay lines build-in 8K or 4K 
UHD digital frame synchronizer,  signal converter and processor  with the longest delay time,  had been used by over thousands TV 
stations, UHD studios and the On-Air broadcasting systems.

B&M designs,  produces  and  provides the broadcasters with all ranges of the very  high quality uncompressed 8K or 4K HDR UHD
delay  lines,  synchronized  switchers,  keyers,    UHD SDI  over  ST2110 IP  converters,  gateways and processors,   compatible with
JPEG-XS or TICO format codec, enables all 8K and 4K UHD media solutions seamlessly transition between UHD SDI and IP workflows,
which are used in all stages of 8K and 4K UHD signal processing systems & the LAN or WAN networks.  

   BD30AV-UHD Series
    8K/4K UHD/IP Solid State Delay Lines


8K or 4K HDR UHD SDI solid state delay lines, without any data compression.
Compatible with 8K or 4K HDR UHD SDI, ST2110 IP flows, and the variety of signal formats and standards.
Really the world's longest delay time, provides up to 180 seconds 8K, or over 720 seconds 4K signals in increments of 1 frame steps . . . . . .

   VFN28 Series   JPEG-XS ST2110 
    8K/4K Media Over IP Transmission Processor


VFN28  series is a set of  extremely  powerful  8K or  4K  UHD  SDI Over
ST2110 IP processor, converter, transcoder or IP transmission processor.
Built-in optional 8K or 4K JPEG-XS or TICO codec to convert  8K/4K  UHD
SDI to, and from IP in a variety of formats, very reliable and efficient bridge
solutions between UHD SDI and IP . . . . . .

​​BD30AV-UHD 8K/4K delay lines, VFN28-XS 8K/4K JPEG-XS ST2110 IP processors worked perfect with the extreamly outstanding performance, and the unique features in the 8K/4K subtitling and IP transmission systems, during FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

MD800-UHD8 8K/4K Up or Down cross converteor passed fully testing and released, with optional feature of 8K 2SI/SQD converter, 8K signal generator, or 4K un-compressed 12G ST2110 IP IN/OUT.

B&M is proud of the outstanding performance of VFN28-XS BOTH 8K & 4K JPEG-XS encoders and decoders with the Unique PLVC feature during Winter Olympics Beijing 2022.

B&M is proud to announce BD30AV-UHD 8K delay line and MD800-UHD 8K video converter contributed the numerous inspiring award ceremonies for Winter Olympics Beijing 2022.  


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